Our Wine Tours & Chauffeured Services

Discover the Chateaux of Bordeaux, Saint-Emilion, Medoc, Sauternes, or Pomerol with our Wine Tours. Our tours are tailor-made to exactly fit your wishes. We also propose day trips to the “Bassin d’Arcachon”, to taste our famous oysters. We can also guide you to discover the secrets of the distillation of the Cognac, or create your tour to Sarlat-la-Caneda.

Are you a wine lover or perhaps a true connoisseur, collecting rare bottles?

Why don’t you ask us for a visit to the Bordeaux vineyard?
You will discover the secrets of winemaking. You will be able to understand why the chateau you love so much has such a particular taste and roundness. You will be in the middle of its vineyards, you will feel its terroir, the relationship between the ground, the composition of the soil and the grapes.
And after your visits and tastings, you will feel and understand so much more things and tastes in your glass of wine.

Be ready to never drink and taste a glass of Bordeaux wine again as before, and as you did until your visit.

Our wine tours are customizable, we can plan a visit in the château you wish, as far as this chateau is open to visits and has availabilities.

Departing from Bordeaux

Departing from Arcachon Bassin